Newmedical Technology, Inc

Newmedical Technology, Inc. is a medical manufacturer and leading medical products company that specializes in post-procedural care and advanced recovery products for scars, wound care, swelling, as well as bruising. 
Founded in 2003, the company is committed to constantly enhancing its products and supplying medical professionals with up-to-date solutions to improve patients' quality of life. 
NEWGEL™ and SILAGEN® are popular scar treatment products that offer medical-grade silicone gel sheeting and focus on improving the appearance of different types of scars.

BruiseMD® is an efficient solution for surgical and non-surgical post-procedure recovery, while Devrasorb® is a brand that offers foam dressings to respond and help accelerate the healing process. 
Newmedical products are available in more than thirty countries of the world.

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