ABG Lab is a growing boutique pharmaceutical R&D company that strongly focuses on creating revolutionary aesthetic products and skincare technology. The company aims to develop safe solutions for mesotherapy and anti-aging, and its dedication to ensuring quality has helped them achieve the upper echelons of anti-aging treatment solutions. The company offers anti-aging injection treatments, as well as proprietary skincare products. The flagship Meso-Wharton P199® is one of the most successful technologies developed by ABG Lab. Introduced in 2010 as the only Stem Cell Active Wharton Jelly peptide solution, it’s designed to reverse skin aging. Other products ABG Lab created are Meso-Xanthin F199, a cellular rejuvenation tonic, as well as MesoEye C71® and MesoSculpt C71®. As the names suggest, the products focus on the eye area, and the jawline area respectively.

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