Explore Aessoa's range of monophasic dermal fillers for precise facial enhancements. Ideal for clinics seeking versatile solutions. Bulk orders available.

Aessoa by Oreon are new, monophasic dermal fillers designed for a variety of use, from fine-tuning to deeper corrections. The 4 products of the company, Shine, Ultra, Deep, and Global offer smooth solutions for wrinkles, sagging skin, and other aesthetic problems. The single-phase composition of Hyaluronic Acid allows the gel to be structured easier, results in a smoother grinding process and reduces customer downtime. Additionally, all Aessoa fillers contain 0.3% lidocaine to make the injection process more comfortable for the patients. The Hyaluronic Acid undergoes a purification process which helps to reduce unwanted side effects, ensures product characteristics consistency, 0ppm BDDE residue, less than 0.02% EU/ml of endotoxins, and reduced chances of hypersensitivity or allergies.

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